About the company

‘XLWITHUS (Excel With Us) Learning’ is a small group of consultants/coaches who’re passionate about sharing knowledge with the goal of improvement and advancement. The team is led by Rishma Rajkumar. The XLWITHUS team helps both adults & children (and businesses) by guiding the implementation of techniques and strategies that have helped them to improve. Visit our main website at www.xlwithus.com 
For adults and businesses we build and manage non-ecommerce websites with powerful lead-generating marketing funnels. These are professional websites which come equipped with a customized intro video, great security, powerful chat automations and are fully mobile responsive. Additionally, we have powerful collaboration tools which makes it easy to discuss website design and details via screen-share technology. This eliminates the frustration of to-and-fro emails and everyone is always on the same page (or ‘webpage’ :)) so there are no surprises or disappointments and you get exactly what you want. Our team has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing and we’re experts at using the right sales copy and design on these websites to engage visitors. Visit our micro-site, www.onlinebusinessbuildertt.com now to see pricing info, a portfolio of works done and more. If you’re shopping around to get a professional, powerful, beautiful, non-ecommerce website built, show us where you’re getting a better price than ours and we’ll definitely look into beating that price.

For children we currently have an online Math video resource for Grades 5 and 6. This is a great revision or reference tool which is laid out in progressive order so it can be used as a ‘course in Math’. There’s additional and conditional (upon class size) support in the form of live online classes in both Math, English and Reading. The live English classes are held by Rishma, who has up to her Masters in Literacy and a stellar track record in getting results in English. The current Math resource can be viewed here: xlwithuslearning.com