In This Workshop You'll Actually build a powerful asset, real-time, with live 1-on-1 help!



US$115 TO SET UP YOUR DOMAIN/HOSTING & US$60 per day for five days (you pay only after we do the work!)


per month


We’ll refund you this $10 payment after you’ve completed Day 1 and you’re moving to Day 2

The Agenda

Domain & Hosting Setup!

We’ll show you live how to buy your domain and hosting. Have US$115 ready on your credit card for this. Only after you are successful with these steps we’ll ask you to make your first payment of US$50 to us for today’s session (this is supposed to be US$60 but we reduced this first payment by US$10 to ‘refund’ you for your seat booking). So we’re doing the work with you first, and you’re paying after. Noone else will do this for you! The payment will also set you up for Day 2 in which we hook up your powerful Facebook Messenger automation!

Facebook Messenger Automation Setup!

We hook up your Facebook Messenger automation with a simple yet powerful sequence to capture lead information and take the response rate on your page up to 100% in a short space of time. Again we’ll walk you through everything 1-on-1 and only if you’re successful, we ask you to make your payment of US$60 which will take you into the exciting Day 3!

Website Goes Live! (Draft 1) Tweaking Begins.

Another exciting day in which we view the first draft of your spanking new live professional, mobile-responsive, fully editable website! This is a draft 1. We discuss the look and feel live and beef up your about and services section by going through your ‘About’ and ‘Services’ section live. Homework- think about some information or a lesson you can give away free. Next..on Day 4, we increase the conversion factor of your website by placing a lead magnet pop-up there with automatic email notifications and asset delivery. We ask you to make your payment of US$60 which will take you into yet another exciting day, Day 4!

Lead Magnet Exit Intent Pop Setup!

Today, using a powerful tool, we choose your lead magnet template so we could have it pop up on your website! This powerful tool automates email notifications and asset (lead magnet) delivery. This seriously boosts your website conversion and solidifies your funnel. As usual, we ask you to make your payment of US$60 once you’re satisfied with the work done. This payment also sets you up for Day 5 of your workshop!

Review & Admin Walk-through!

Today we review your entire funnel to ensure all is well and take any questions from you. We show you where you have to go to post your on your blog and give you a walk-through of the admin area of your website. Our goal is to ensure you understand every element and how every element works. Once you’re satisfied, you pay your final US$60. This payment will set you up for a bonus Day 6 in which we teach you how to run an effective Facebook ad! We also start the session by presenting you with a small US$11 per month gift, which effectively moves your subscription to just US$16 per month!

FREE Facebook Ad Training + FREE Gift!

Yes yes, we know we said 5 days, but Day 6 is a bonus day on us! Free training on a vitally important topic PLUS we’re even giving you gift valued AT LEAST US$17 per month! So, we hope you don’t mind! 😉 On this day, again in a live online meeting, we teach you how to set up an effective Facebook ad! Plus we give you a gift for your website worth AT LEAST US$17 PER MONTH!.. just to say thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

We’ll refund you this $10 payment after you’ve completed Day 1 and you’re moving to Day 2

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